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Aaron Kong, Growth & Strategy Lead at Osmosis Labs, on The Cosmos Ecosystem, and more


Aaron Kong is the Growth & Strategy Lead at Osmosis Labs, where he spearheads growth initiatives and business development efforts. Osmosis Labs is the core team responsible for developing Osmosis, an appchain that serves as the DeFi hub for the Cosmos ecosystem.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Cosmos + Osmosis 101/overview
- Latest updates in the Cosmos ecosystem
- Mesh Security: Creating the ‘NATO of Web3’
- Cosmos ecosystem appchain alliances.
- ETH L2s/Rollups vs. Cosmos appchains
- Growing L1 ecosystems
- Mars Protocol
- Quasar Finance
- Improving tokenomics with OSMO 2.0
- How DEXes can outcompete centralized exchanges
- The future of blockchain interoperability and composability