Amber Trade LTD Increased statement capital to £5M

Amber Trade LTD is the company who own AmberCoin

Amber Trade LTD has increased its statement capital to 5,000,000 GBP. Now it consists of 5,000,000 fully paid ordinary shares with par value of £1.00 each.
51% of the shares (2,550,000 shares) belongs to the group of large investors represented by the management company CAPITAL GROUP INTERNATIONAL LTD.
49% of the shares (2,450,000 shares) are issued in the form of cryptoshares (AmberCoin) and available to everyone.
So now 49,000,000 AmberCoin represent 2,450,000 ordinary shares with par value of 1 GBP each. That is, each of the 2,450,000 shares of the company corresponds to 20 AmberCoin.
The figure below shows the information from the UK Government Register:


This document in full is available for paid download on the official website of the registrar:

We would like to remind you that the company’s shareholders still can receive confirmation of their share in the company by ordering a Declaration of Trust and Share Certificate.

Example of those documents are shown below.



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More information on this coin is available on the BitCoinTalk thread :


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