Decred : How to get started


With the V0.1.0 released last week, many people ask us some tips about how to set the Decred System. Here’s our guide, realized with the help of nrvasquez.

Windows Guide :

On Windows, you need to execute each command with a different BAT file. There’s no way, for the moment, to use any kind of terminal.

First of all, you’ll need to download the latest binaries available at :

Then, you can download this zip file which include all the Windows Instructions for an easy setup.
Download it here : DCR Guide

This file include :
How to setup your server (dcrd)
How to create your wallet (dcrwallet)
How to connect with your wallet
How to get your decred wallet address
How to start Proof-Of-Stake by buying tickets
How to unlock your wallet

We are currently working on a Linux Version of this guide. 

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2 Responses

  1. Jeff Griffin says:

    Thank you for the guide.
    I am still having trouble.
    I am able to edit the files in DCR guide.

    But when I go to –

    There are many choices. I have a windows 32 bit on my favored machine (not the ones I mine with)
    I chose


    When I unzip there are 12 folders. None of them show the 3 .exe files
    At some point I did see the .exe files you reference but can not find them again. I think I will mine to an address at an exchange and perhaps someday get a Decred wallet.

    There has got to be an easier way.

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