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Don Norbury, Head of Studio at Shrapnel, on GameFi and the Trajectory of the Web3 Gaming Industry

Don Norbury is Head of Studio at Shrapnel, a AAA first-person extraction shooter with a creator ecosystem that empowers players to own their creations and shape the future of the game. From the genre-defining franchises of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Bioshock, Sunset Overdrive, and Crackdown to the sports superstars Madden NFL and NASCAR, Don has redefined creative boundaries across platforms and player experience for more than 16 years. Prior to joining Shrapnel, he held senior positions at companies such as HBO, Microsoft, and Electronic Arts. In this conversation, we discuss: - Web3 game developer platforms - Trajectory of the Web3 gaming industry - Don’s experience and gameplay-first approach to game development - How blockchain can be included as an optional additional element of AAA games - Shrapnel - a AAA first-person extraction shooter - GameBridge empowers game developers to easily integrate advanced content creation capabilities - Building games like Starwars and Madden - Working for HBO, Microsoft, and Electronic Arts - Building in person > building online