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Harsh Rajat, Co-Founder of Push Protocol, on Creating a Web3 Communication Network, and AI


Harsh is the co-founder and Project Lead of Push Protocol (formerly EPNS). He has over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience in various spectrums of tech; including system architecture, development and design in different tech fields (including mobile, web services, SaaS, and blockchain).

Harsh previously spoke/judged at multiple tech conferences and hackathons including Messari Mainnet, ETHCC, ETHDenver, Schelling Point, ETHAmsterdam, NFT NYC, Liscon, HackMoney, EDCON.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Creating a web3 communication network
- Cross-chain notifications
- Native communication between wallets
- Centralized communication platforms
- Wallet-to-wallet messaging
- Integrating ChatGPT into the Push Chat app