Interview : Shapetwist from WARP

This morning we had the chance to interview Shapetwist, the brain behind WARP. During our talk of 20 minutes we covered many subjects around the coin including the development and goals. At the end of this article, you can access to the full interview, available on YouTube. Note that the question are not heard in the full interview.

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Q : For how long have you been in CryptoCurrency?

Q : Why a Full PoS coin?

Q : Why WarpCoin? What are your motivation behind this project?

Q : How is WarpCoin different from other altcoins? What can it bring to The Crypto World?

Q : Can you talk about the VPN service and how are you going to implement it?

Q : Will the VPN service be free, you’ll need to have a certain wallet balance or you’ll need to pay?

Q : What is the WarpCard and how can you make it real?

Q : Can you tell me more about WarpLab? How is it going to work and who will be able to use it?

Q : How is the development going actually?

Q : Will we be able to follow the expense or the budget for each feature? (To see where the money is invest)

Q : Why should people invest in WarpCoin and what protect them from being scammed?

Q : Which feature should be the last to be released?

Q : Are you planning to join more exchange in the near future?

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To consult the full interview :

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