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Jawad Ashraf, CEO of Virtua, on Different NFT Strategies Adopted by Brands and Creators


Jawad Ashraf is the CEO and Co-Founder of Virtua, a gamified metaverse that provides immersive social, web3 gaming, digital collectible, and interactive experiences. He is an entrepreneurial industry leader in blockchain technology, the metaverse, emerging tech, and innovation, as he’s built a career-launching and leading multiple successful businesses.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- The complexity of building a massive metaverse
- Different NFT strategies adopted by brands and creators
- Sports fan engagement = next metaverse frontier
- Virtua Partnerships with Kevin Hart, Jesse Lingard and Shelby America Inc.
- Engaging with fans in virtual spaces
- The future of football fandom 
- Creating multiple games in a singular metaverse
- APIs for other games to come join
- Virtua's founding story
- Virtua's plans for 2023 and beyond