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Lomesh Dutta, VP of Growth at DFINITY, on Internet Computer, Bitcoin DeFi, and ckBTC


Lomesh Dutta is Vice President of Growth at DFINITY. Lomesh holds over 17 years of experience in building and scaling startups. Before DFINITY, he was the Head of Growth and Marketing at the crypto banking service, Abra. He has also served as the Vice President of Growth at Paytm, the largest fintech in India. He has previously founded and successfully sold two separate startups and is passionate about tackling innovative and unique problems. Lomesh has also been a TEDx speaker at Delhi Technological University, and in 2012 he was Awarded the title of India's Hottest Young Entrepreneurs by Business World.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Internet Computer
- Bitcoin-based DeFi
- ckBTC
- Bitfinity Wallet
- Building and selling startups
- DFINITY Foundation
- Autonomous cloud
- The “public everything stack”
- Crypto in India
- AI on the blockchain
- Twitter rebrand to “X”