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Mitya Argunov, CPO of P2P.org, on ETH, Direct Staking, and Validators


Mitya Argunov is the Chief Product Officer for P2P.org and the technical expert in Ethereum and blockchain development.

With extensive experience from holding leadership roles in finance and tech industries, Mitya is an expert when it comes to building. He joined P2P.org as a Senior Product Manager, where he managed staking and infrastructure products across multiple ecosystems. Based in Cyprus, Mitya is passionate about offering users the best platform to stake their assets.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Direct Staking
- Validators
- Non-custodial staking services
- Working with various blockchains
- The future of staking
- How does P2P secure its validators
- What are the most significant benefits of direct staking
- How does P2P differ from other staking platforms
- Ethereum