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Richard Ma, CEO of Quantstamp, on Blockchain Security, Web3 Audits, and Smart Contracts


Richard Ma is the Co-Founder and CEO of Quantstamp, a global leader in blockchain security. Quantstamp has performed more than 500 audits and secured over $200 billion in digital asset risk from hackers. Prior to starting Quantstamp, Richard was involved in algorithmic and high-frequency trading as a trading fund manager and senior quantitative strategist, most recently with Tower Research Capital. He founded Quantstamp to improve security auditing after investing in the DAO and experiencing the aftermath of the hack firsthand. Richard graduated with a degree in electrical computer engineering from Cornell University.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- The role security plays in helping web3 achieve mainstream adoption
- Blockchain Security
- Smart contract audits
- Most common types of hacks
- Auditing Ethereum 2.0
- Chainproof, the world’s first regulated smart contract insurer
- Working with companies like Visa, Toyota, and Siemens
- Blockchain Futurist Conference
- Richard’s journey from Quantstamp trader to founder