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Ryan Gill, CEO of Crucible Network, on the Open Metaverse, Pattern Recognition, and First Principals


Ryan Gill is a pioneer of the open metaverse movement. He is the founder and CEO of the Crucible Network, an enterprise offering easy on-ramps for developers to leverage web3 technologies, as well as a founding member of the Open Meta DAO, an organisation supporting the delivery of products, experiences, services, best practices, and tools underpinning the emergence of an open metaverse. Ryan stands out as a visionary leader and entrepreneur and has been among the first industry figures to promote the term ‘open metaverse.'

In this conversation, we discuss:

- The Open Metaverse
- Self-Sovereign Identity (Verification of ID in Gaming)
- Emergence SDK
- The future of the metaverse
- Learning as a skill
- Learning for in your 20s and building in your 30s
- Pattern recognition as a skill
- First principals
- Virtual Reality Modelling (VRMs)
- Gamespace