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Sid Gandhi, CEO of Polybase, on ZK Proofs and Decentralized Databases


Sid Gandhi is a technology leader, entrepreneur, and investor, currently CEO of web3 infrastructure company Polybase.

In the past, he led product and technical strategy for simulation at Cruise, co-founded Hmatix Cybersecurity, built AR tools for the US Navy at Moback, and wrote software for iOS at Apple.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Story of Polybase
- Polybase Modular Architecture
- Polybase Private mainnet
- How is Polybase different from Ceramic & Tableland
- Leveraging ZK proofs for security and scalability
- Building self-driving cars at Cruise
- Building AR tools for the US Navy
- Writing software for iOS at Apple
- Building developer databases
- Sid’s $100k burrito