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TransferCoin is a digital currency who recently change their developers after being abandonned by the original’s.

Description of TransferCoin

This currency has a decentralized network who aims to be a fungible and untraceable digital medium of exchange. This coin will feature uniquely implemented and decentralized p2p anonymization feature via Proof of Stake (well-known as PoS) protocol extensions.

The developer want TransferCoin as a replacement for all other coins that have PoS and the inclusion of Masternodes.

A lot of times you’ll find that masternodes drop off the network. Darksend doesn’t work and neither does InstantX. Transfer Coin was also having these issues, and believe me we noticed. In version 1.2.1 we have done a ton of changes and a ton of testing to match Dash 0.11.2’s codebase as best as possible. While trying to keep intact our own codebase for PoS.

– Infernoman, Main Programmer of Transfer.

Their team consists of one programmer, Infernoman, and one public relations officer, Wigitgetit. Both have been involved in crypto currency for more than a year. According to the official thread on BitCoinTalk, their main goal is the availability on all possible devices and using all kinds of Internet services. Such as email, SMS and Social Networks.

The new work of the developer resulted in a much lighter client, Masternodes that don’t have as many issues as they did before and a Darksend and InstantX features that actually work instead of just looking pretty. Performed by Masternodes, Darksend select random Masternodes to perform a coin mixing. These Masternodes act like servers operating on a decentralized volunteer network which have the responsibility of signing the transactions.

To avoid a “bad actor” scenaria, in which many Masternodes are operated by an adversary who wants to de-anonymize transactions, a deterrent has been put in place in which 10 000 TX are required to own and operate a Masternode. As an incentive for operating a Masternode, chosen nodes currently earn 50% of the PoS rewards since PoW phase is over.

Everything is about the community

An IRC channel is currently available and allow people to ask their questions or simply talk about the coin. We have been surprise by the speed Infernoman update his code and help newcomer to install their wallet or masternode on their systems. We personnally had a problem compiling the wallet on Linux and Infernoman needed less than 5 minutes to find the solution and solving the problem.

The channel (#Transfercoin) is accessible via this link

Quick Links

BitCoinTalk Thread 

IRC Channel



Block Explorer

For a TransferCoin (TX) Donation to The Crypto World : TcrMWQDK63CHa2wsv9PAiGxCHGTFqL2ZuM

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