AmberCoin : Finally, some news from the developers

Ambercoin’s Shareholders finally got some news from Amber-Trade Ltd, late on April 28th night.

In this statement, the developer gave more information about dividends due from the company, the importance for the company to reduce the gap between the market price and the official share price and the different element coming in a close future.

Here is the full statement :

While we can see temporary lack of communication from the company’s side in fact a lot of important decisions are being made.
I hope that this information will be useful for shareholders.

Most of you are interested in the situation with dividends.
Quarterly report has been done on time by the previous staff but is still not approved by new accountant.
Now full internal audit is in progress.
And as far as I know only after it is completed Q1 2015 results will be published and dividends will be paid.
What I know for sure is that company plans to pay dividends in BTC/$ .
Most likely this will happen after the appointment of new director that should happen in May.
So 2 things that should happen before dividends are internal audit and appointment of new director.

Also company worries about huge 10x difference between official shares price and price on the market.
That’s why there is a decision to use a part of money from every share  sale (including offline) to buy own shares on the market.
This process will continue until the difference reduces to 10-20% or less
Value in % from every sale that will be used for that is now being discussed.

Aiming diversification company decides to develop its IT branch.
Having a lot of developments in the field of cryptoshares, dividends management and voting company decides to get a share in large fintech company.
Combined efforts will be focused on improving technology of cryptoshares and its preparation for replication.
(Official information about this will appear later  )

One more news:
Amber Trade will start an emission of own CryptoBonds with fixed yield starting from 2% monthly (24% per year) that will be paid out exactly in time.
With this financial instrument you’ll be able to plan your income and company will get an opportunity to implement different kinds of its projects.

More detailed roadmap will be available later.

It is not all news but the most important ones.
I hope PR will start to work better and in future I will have no need to inform our community in such way

-AmberCoinDev, April 28th

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