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Lead by Pele Granel, Coin of View will provide detailed information about the Top 300 altcoins.

What is Coin of View

The project aims to provide all information extractable from the Blockchains and Exchanges.

The team is composed of programmers who entirely bring the cost of web developing and other software needed besides maintenance of servers and services.

We love cryptocoins, as users, as miners, as developers and traders, as well as administrators and fans to the economy… so we decided to create a website that would be useful for all user profiles. We want to get as much as possible of people, not just professionals, so the web will contain very didactic and understandable explanations of the origin of all data. We also intend to translate the web as many languages as possible. - Pele Granel, leader

The website will contain a table with all currencies (already more than 300), with information sortable by column. Plus an individual sheet with all the latest information and graphics of each coin.

It will also be possible to comparate multiple currencies with graphics data and more!

All this and some more will be public and free, without any registration needed. Coin of View will also provide a subscription designed for traders and professional users. The subscription will allow access to more detailed statistics, programmable alerts on numerous parameters, investment recommendations and more.

Coin of View will be responsive with adapted version for computer, tablet and smartphone.

Who is addressed the web and the campaign? (Source :

Personal Use

The user will have a lot of information that can check easily and visually. With data charts and even screenshots of the wallet app. It will have updated peers where connect to the coin you want, Block Explorers and all the necessary links, information Markets and more. And Faucets, currently we have about 440 to about 80 coins…

These members can participate in the campaign by providing a small amount. We also offer the possibility of naming and add a link to their website in our section of sponsors

Professional Use

Altcoins world professionals users, administrators, developers and traders, now have a new tool that will give them all the information they need to improve their productivity and performance.

These users may participate by subscribing to paid services with very limited discounts and deals.


The web should be financed with advertising in order to cover costs on servers.

We offer a wealth of information for all users and we believe it may be of interest to companies around the cryptocoins sector. Therefore we will have a space on our website. It will be a unique advertising and quality, limited to only two banners per page. We offer advertisers the ability to add a banner for each of the supported languages on our website, free of charge, as well as all facilities.

We have three categories of advertisers, more information in rewards info section.

So, how can I join?

Actually, Coin Of View is doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise 5 000 euros to cover the expense.

With this amount, which is the minimum decided for the campaign, they ensure a year of operation with the top 100-120 coins.

If the raising funds reach 15 000 euros they garantee a minimum of 300 coins available in 15 languages.

All the extra money raised will be invest in translating the website into many languages, adding more coins and developing more and better services for the web.

The actual planning is available on their website at

To join the project and help, you can contribute now at


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