Details on our new faucets

bitcoinfaucetSome people wrote us to know much about our new faucets, let’s ask their questions!

Are you planning to add more coin in the future?
Of course! We’re planning to reach 10 coins for March 1st. We are trying to pick coins with a strong community to help us to keep our faucets alive. You can send us your suggestions by mail at [email protected] or directly via Twitter at @TheCryptoWorld.

What is the cooldown time between 2 claims?
6h per coin (independently)

What is the payout range for each faucets?
Depend on our stocks, we modify the maximal payout daily. For this reason, we can’t tell a precise range.
Here is the minimum payout for each coin :
Digibyte (DGB) : 10 DGB
MindCoin (MND) : 1 MND
TransferCoin (TX) : 0.005 TX
WarpCoin (WARP) : 0.001 WARP

Where can we donate to keep the faucet alive?
Digibyte (DGB) : D5TpDmMGaebmh5mSmjqZ1TWNMTnYmhpS5C
MindCoin (MND) : MTvnqm4VZcKY8iQLE5V9tsPX2j4axDyfdY
TransferCoin (TX) : TawNTha6WpTShRJYcYgoCyQGJuMuS9a13r
WarpCoin (WARP) : WQXqoME5Fur3ZFp9RrV7NCrXsiUwXXzCNz

You can start redeem your coin now by clicking here!

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