Mining Rig Rentals

We have been mining, mainly altcoins, for about a year. We build up several GPU mining rigs and spend many hours to make them reliable.

We do know that there’s a big part of crypto community who can’t afford such an investment right away at their beginning and that’s why we decided to make available a part of our farm over Mining Rig Rentals. This way, you can rent reliable equipment and mine the coin you want without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Actually, 12 x GTX 970, 1 x GTX 960 and 11 x GTX 750ti are available over our selection. Many workers are actually offline due to the fact that we need different workers for different algorythms. If you’d like us to move our miner over a different algorythm, you can contact us on Twitter (@TheCryptoWorld), on BitcoinTalk (antho281) or by mail at [email protected]

You can check at our Mining Rig Rentals profile at :

Here is the total hashrate available on different algorythms.

Total Hashrate
Algorythm Hashing Speed
Lyra2REv2 164 MH/s
NeoScrypt 9.5 MH/s
Quark 271 MH/s
x11 138 MH/s
x13 104 MH/s