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BlockchainDynamics radio show is a weekly podcast discussing altcoins. Listen the first episode @

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  1. Gentlemen:

    Interesting web radio show.

    I understand your interest in crypto and possibly your inability
    to go into or not study new coins in depth. I wouldn’t have the
    time to go into every new coin that came across my desk, either. So,
    I don’t blame you for glancing over C-bit in the manner in which
    you did. However, I would suggest that you visit
    and read the entire website to understand what has been designed.

    This is not some basement designed crypto-currency. This is a venture
    by a group of Bitcoin developers that was begun last Fall; and yes, has
    cost well into five figures to complete. Cloning the entire Bitcoin Core
    Source Code « to date » is a bitch. The purpose of the coin was to put an
    end to the Bitcoin Classic pressure being exerted against Bitcoin Core to
    expand it’s block size. With C-bit, Bitcoin Classic can now move over to
    C-bit and leave Bitcoin Core alone. This is the purpose of C-bit.

    We spent time testing the source code before launch, but there are certain
    things that can’t be known until a « live » run. That is what we are going
    thru now: the « discovery » phase. Not many people know we exist yet. Once
    we are confident the code is stable, we will ramp up the public awareness.

    What you quoted on the BitcoinTalk forum was taken out-of-context and
    was just a small sliver of available information. I, again, would suggest that
    you visit the website if you want a true full picture of what C-bit is and who
    we are. There is a full suite of wallets, and many more pools situated around
    the world.

    William Martens
    C-Bit Founder

    • BlockchainDynamics dit :

      Hi William thank you very much for taking the time to listen and to comment. I did read your mission statement on your website and could tell the project was ambitious, we are excited to see where C-bit goes. Please forgive the cynical and joking tone on the show as it is not intended to be an insult to C-bit. I actually found it to be in the handful of the most interesting coins launched this week. Once again your response is greatly appreciated and I will be sure to pass along to the listeners that they should check out that website and read the mission statement for themselves. If there is any other information besides what you have posted today that we can pass onto our listeners next week, or if someone from your team would be interested in speaking on the show, let us know.

      Thank You

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