How to : Install/Upgrade to CUDA 7.5


With DJM34 new update around Neoscrypt, there’s no reason to stay with CUDA 6.5! Here’s a guide to upgrade to CUDA 7.5.

First of all, download the right Cuda 7.5 (.run) according to your distros at : and make sure it is in your “Home” directory.

Let’s get it started :

In a terminal :

chmod +x <- Be sure it fits with the file you just downloaded.
sudo ./

When Cuda is installed :

sudo nano .bashrc
//At the end of the file insert
export CUDA_HOME=/usr/local/cuda-7.5
export PATH
//If you already insert these line for CUDA 6.5, all you need is to update the "6" for a "7"

It’s already done! Now, restart your computer.

To use CUDA 7.5, you’ll need to recompile ccminer.

DJM34 : 

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