MindCoin : Raise awareness of Mental Health Issues


MindCoin is a digital currency that aims to build a positive and charitable Crypto Currency over Mental Health Issue by supporting people in need and raise awareness on Mental Health.

History and goals

Originally due for a release on 10/04/2020, MindCoin has finally been launched on December 30th due to the main developer of the coin finding himself sectioned under section 3 of the mental health act. When people talk about mental health problems, most people jump the gun and think of Depression and Anxiety, whilst these are two of the most common problems there are many more. The main goal of the Coin is to release a positive and charitable Crypto Currency.

We created MindCoin to two main points on the agenda, to create a valid digital trading currency via the Crypto Currency Markets and to also raise Awareness on Mental Health. Mental Health is something that is often swept under the carpet, or it’s not diagnosed or treated right. A massive 1 in 4 of the population will experience some kind of mental health problem in any given year. - Daniel Carroll, Developer MindCoin

Since, the team has refocused themselves over development with the necessary skills within web development, coding, networks and marketing to bring their coin to the Cryptocurrency Community and be a focal example on how to spread both awareness as well as adoption across various exchanges and services.

MindCoin’s chosen charity for donations raised is the Mind, The mental health Charity registered charity in England (no. 219830) and a registered company (no. 424348) in England and Wales. For more information and to help the cause please visit http://www.mind.org.uk

Assistance needed? Here we are!

Creating a currency within this market will not only give support via our community, but users can also request donations directly via it for assistance with dealing with Mental Health through support wherever Available. - Daniel Carroll, Developer MindCoin

MindCoin gives assistance to their users from their Slack Channel available to this link : join.mindcoin.xyz

The Slack Channel is the best place to interact with the MindCoin’s community! It allow you to talk about a variety of topics : projects, deals, deliveries, financials, cat GIFs, and more.

Coin Details - From BitCoinTalk

Official BCT Thread

Algorithm: X11
Block Reward: 250 MND
Block Halving: 32000 Blocks
Block Generation: 2 Minutes
Difficulty Retargeting: DGW
Max Coins: ~16,000,000 MND
Block Explorer: http://mnd.blockpioneers.info/
CoinMarketCap : http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mindcoin/
No Premine, This is purely a coin for the community


MindCoin Dice Game (YoBit)



http://www.zpool.ca/ (Multipool)

http://coinminer.net/ (P2POOL)

For Linux User, Starting for the Github source, you can follow this guide to help you compile MindCoin wallet on your system

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