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MINEUM : The product, the project, your future

MINEUM is a mining farm located in Quebec, Canada that is led by two cryptocurrency enthusiasts and developers. The company is aimed at stable growth over many years to come and poised to become the reference in cryptocurrency mining. These 2 cryptocurrency enthusiasts are Martin Dubé and I, Anthony Rail.

MINEUM has been specializing in cryptocurrency services since June  2014. In October 2015, we launched TheCryptoWorld.org> (TCW), a cryptocurrency-related website where people can find articles, interviews, guides and more.

In the few months following its launch, TCW added it’s own multifaucet services for more than 8 cryptocurrencies and mining pool services, upon request.

Our pasts experiences lead us to a desire of expanding our services, including our mining farm.

Details about MINEUM

MINEUM is located in Quebec, where electric rates are the lowest in North America and are around 0.065 USD$ / kWh. With the new NVIDIA GPU which is  supposed to be released in June 2016 (http://www.anandtech.com/show/10304/nvidia-announces-the-geforce-gtx-1080-1070), MINEUM will benefit from another big advantage ; fintech equipment.

With these two big advantages, MINEUM has all the reasons to succeed.  Although, this is just the beginning, since we have a lot of ideas in mind to make MINEUM the reference in cryptomining.

3 great features are planned for 2016 :

  1. Cloud Mining Platform :
    • This platform will allow one to enter into mining contracts on different algorithms. These contracts will be available for different durations of time.

  2. Cloud Hosting Platform :
    • This platform will allow you to buy specific mining gear that we will host for you, which you’ll own. You will be able to do whatever you want with it, even ask us to ship you your gear when you want.

  3. GUI Mining Platform
    • This platform/software will allow people to switch pools, algorithms and more, right from their browser, even when they’re away from their mining installation. We are actually in the R&D stage of creating a user-friendly mobile app that will give access to all mining related information.

How can I participate to the ICO?

To participate, you need to register an account at : https://mymineum.org
Do not miss the 10% bonus offered during the first week of the ICO!

Algorithm: x13
Abbreviation: MNM
Max number of coin: 10 000 000 MNM
Timing of block (in seconds): 180
Difficulty Retarget every block
Total POW: 750 000 coins
Block number when POW ends: 200 000
POS interest per year: 3%
Min stake age: 8 hours
Max stake age: 30 days
Mining Block Rewards  



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  1. Awesome project and started investing in the ICO too..I will also blog about it this week. 🙂

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