Transfercoin : Raspberry Pi Giveaway

TransferCoin developers has set a Raspberry Pi 3 giveaway!

Already more than a thousand entries has been done, what are you waiting for?

To participate follow this link :


7 Reasons to get in TransferCoin and participate to the giveaway :

  1. Because Wigitgetit and Infernoman are just awesome and active developers
  2. Cross-Sending was done completely custom by Infernoman
  3. The only altcoin with a full implementation of secp256k1 for ecdsa sig’s
  4. The only altcoins with dark features working based off of dash 0.12.0
  5. The only altcoin with Staking and Masternode Rewards staking in the same wallet
  6. The only altcoin with Masternodes and Staking in an Android Wallet
  7. You heard about MAC Wallet Trading. Transfercoin is the first to do this.


Check our article about TransferCoin here

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