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A new PoS coin has been introduced to Crypto World on January 15th 2016 after being in development for months (August 2015).

Warp is the name given to the complete network of systems, services and applications that we are committed to build, develop, run and explore.

The premise

To make digital currency a common place, useful, attractive and easy to use. A currency adapted to our social needs as consumers: simple, mobile, fast and secure. To explore the latest advances of cryptocurrency, integrating innovative apps and features, in order to bring steady and sustainable value and growth. - WarpCoin OP on BitCoinTalk

Who is behind Warp

Lead by Shapetwist, Warp is meant to show that trust is not gone in altcoins by presenting a project with clarity. He decided to release Warp after being sick with what the forum was producing in terms of altcoins.

I’m not a coder, I have a vision and a lot of will to get things done with the contacts I have and with the support of the community. […] We need the usability that every digital currency lacks. For that we have to focus on development and integration of useful apps.   - Shapetwist, Main Developer
A few coders have already been hired to deliver WarpGo (also known as Warp Qt v2), a multi-platform instant P2P transactions app. As state during the interview with Shapetwist, the core development is and will be assigned to trusted professionals.


Actually, 6 features has been announced.


First of all, WarpGo, is a multi-platform instant P2P transactions app with virtually no fees. This app is the v2 wallet client and will be integrated with other features.

WarpGo is present as the solution of usability issues met by other crypto currencies. According to the proposed paper about WarpGo’s features, usability makes adoption possible.

Usability makes adoption possible. And while we see new users getting interested more and more in crypto currency in general, we also see them facing a difficult learning process. Many unfamiliar terms and processes to learn, something that makes adoption very much unattractive. - WarpGo’s released paper.

WarpSync and WarpVPN will be part of WarpGo. WarpSync is the proposed way to do so with cryptographically generated certificates that are attributed to each user. In the other hand, WarpVPN is the in-client VPN.


An hub for open-source development and research, more details will come.


An Integrated storage/sync service, more details will come.


An integrated Virtual Private Network client included in WarpGo.

We have thought about securing our transactions by making them anonymous, but we have yet to master on how to make our wallet clients anonymous too. For the ordinary user, it’s too much of a hassle to pay for a VPN account (with dollars? bitcoins?) and run a client to connect to the internet anonymously.

The in-client feature can be used when needed to connect to different servers around the globe. It’ll also be possible to mark as required to allow the wallet to connect. That way, it provides 100% untraceable financial transactions, with no cost, everywhere, even in countries with restrictions.


A physical debit card, more details will come.


An household and mobile operating system, more details will come.


The start point of WarpCoin is the token that circulates the public ledger. A total supply of 1 094 500 WARP will be distributed via a crowd funding campaign. This will create the core development fund and give an edge  on early adopters. The funding campaign will be accessible via their website at : http://warpcoin.com/presale.html.

Crowdfunding will last 10 days, from Monday, January 18th (12:00 CET) to Thursday, January 28th (12:00 CET).

Useful links

BitCoinTalk Official Presentation : https://bitcointalk.org

Proposed paper about WARP v2 features : PDF

Official Website : www.warpcoin.com

Official Forum : forum.warpcoin.com

Official Block Explorer : explorer.warpcoin.com

GitHub : Github.com/warpcoin/warp

Slack : warpcoin.slack.com

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