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Here’s the latest form NFT news today, March 7, 2024:

  • NFT Market Data
  • Cross The Ages and Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Reveal a Card Collection
  • Coachella Partners with OpenSea to Launch Three Collections with Festival Utilities
  • Jeju Island Aims to Become ‘NFT City’

NFT Market Data

The non-fungible token (NFT) market is very green today.

First of all, over the last 24 hours, the total sales volume increased by a whopping 24% to $69,481,710.

Buyers are up nearly 4%, sellers remain unchanged, and the number of transactions is down 4.4%.

Meanwhile, there was a significant shift in the top ten collections by sales volume, per CryptoSlam data.

Pandora is not only out of the first place anymore, but it’s out of the top ten list entirely now. It sits in the 11th spot after it went down nearly 40% to $1.33 million.

Meanwhile, swEXIT has shot right up to the first spot following today’s increase of 4,113,852%. Yes, you’ve read that right.

It currently sits at $8.96 million in sales. Whether it stays in this position is a different story and remains to be seen.

Notably, however, there is little commentary about swEXIT on social media, so caution is advised when interacting with the project.

Uncategorized Ordinals have kept the second place. The collection’s sales volume is up 35% to 5.92 million.

As for the top ten blockchains, Ethereum is back to the first position after Bitcoin took over for a few days.

The former is up 45% to $31.2 million, while the latter is down 2% to $20.2 million.

Cross The Ages and Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Reveal a Card Collection

Popular card trading came Cross The Ages and the action-adventure video game franchise developed by gaming giant Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, joined hands in a new collaboration.

In total, the collection will have 51 cards. Each month, the companies will unveil 17 cards on Cross The Ages TCG.

Per the announcement shared with Cryptonews, the first set of cards within the collab will launch on April 3.

It will feature 24 iconic characters from the Watch Dogs franchise. Each will be integrated into the fantasy/science-fiction lore of Cross The Ages.

Characters including Aiden Pearce, Clara Lille, and Marcus Holloway will appear in “a whole new universe.”

Per the announcement, “the merging of these two amazing universes promises to deliver an extraordinary gaming experience for fans of both franchises.”

The award-winning franchise Watch Dogs launched in 2014. It was “the video game industry’s best-selling new IP at launch.”

It has so far registered more than 50 million unique players worldwide.

The hacker series extends to other entertainment media, including books and comics.

The latest opus in the franchise, Watch Dogs: Legion, was released on October 29, 2020.

Coachella Partners with OpenSea to Launch Three Collections with Festival Utilities

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival announced its partnership with the OpenSea marketplace.

It will launch Coachella Keepsakes, a series of three unique collections that serve as an all-access pass to some of the festival’s limited experiences and products.

More specifically, each Coachella Keepsakes collection will pair collectible Coachella IP artwork with benefits, including exclusive access to VIP spots, VIP passes, limited edition merchandise, and more.

Moreover, the collections will be powered by the Avalanche blockchain.

Per the press release, “the utility-driven collectibles turn digital assets into real-world benefits, marking a major shift in the way festivals are ticketed and experienced.”

The floor price is 50 AVAX.

The first collection in the series, titled The VIP Pass + Oasis Lounge Keepsake, launches on March 5.

1,000 of these assets will be available for $1,499 through April 1 or until supplies last.

Upcoming drops are Welcome Box Keepsake, set for March 25, and Artist Collaboration Keepsake., scheduled for mid-April.

Sam Schoonover, Innovation Lead for Coachella, commented that the collaboration creates a new way to use NFTs to provide unique custom experiences for the festival in real life and online.

“We’re moving towards a future where Coachella isn’t just an event you attend, but an experience you can own and shape based on the digital tokens in your possession,” he said.

OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer added that the partnership “represents a significant milestone, uniting the digital with the physical in ways that promise to enrich the festival experience and usher in a new paradigm in the live event and ticketing industry.”

Jeju Island Aims to Become ‘NFT City’

Jeju-do, Korea’s largest island and popular holiday destination, is moving deeper into the NFT realm, aiming to include it in the tourism industry, as well as the agricultural, livestock, and fisheries sectors.

According to CNB News,  Jeju Island held a study on March 5, the theme being blockchain basics and application and NFT use.

Kwon Soo-ho, head of the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association’s education center, gave a lecture and explained where NFTs can be used in the Jeju region.

NFTs, he said, can be used for “distribution combined with real assets and traceability of agricultural and livestock products.”

Areas where NFT technology can be applied include, but are not limited to:

  • NFT for Olle Trail participants; also, discount benefits can be provided to the holders;
  • NFTs by tourism type, such as museums, restaurants, and more – all organized into collections;
  • donations to agricultural and marine products and local assets;
  • currency exchange and payment;
  • proof of origin: proving the origin of agricultural and livestock products.

Governor Oh Young-hoon stated that Jeju is gradually making preparations this year for digital transformation. The core of it, said he, is connected to Web3.”

Oh added that “it is possible to apply Web3, including the use of NFTs, to all areas of the government.”

He suggested that “with the goal of turning Jeju into an ‘NFT city,’ we can even think about making payments convenient for anyone, both domestic and foreign, anywhere in Jeju through a coveted exhibition using NFT.”